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I can be found, and reached, everywhere. Literally. My iPhone/iPad/laptop/Hedwig are never far away from me. The absolute best way is to shoot me an email at Hedwig will peck my face until I reply. It’s foolproof.

Follow me on Twitter @rachel_engel, because I am a barrel and a half of laughs, and I also retweet a lot of funny things that other people say (and pass it off as my own, muahaha).


One thought on “Contact Me

  1. I just read your blog about beating yourself up about breast feeding. When I had my first daughter the breast feeding did not go well. I was crying & stressing myself out about it & dried up shortly after going back to work. I went to formula. She is now 2 & perfectly healthy, lol. For my next baby I was also the same as you determined to breast feed & be successful. My new baby girl is 10 weeks old. We are doing a much better job at breast feeding & some days I have to give her a little formula to satisfy her & some days it’s all milk but I’ve learned to not let myself get frustrated. Sometimes I get upset & feel like a failure but then my husband reminds me look Olivia (oldest daughter) had formula & she turned out fine. But I’m not giving up however I also feel shunned when ever I do have to pull out formula. There are some very opinionated people out there. Good to know I’m not alone & I thought it was cute that our children are the same age. Hope all is well with your family. Take care.

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