Change of Plans

Hello, sweet visitors.

My long absence cannot completely be blamed on my current situation, but my continued absence can.

My son was born on April 28 after a failed inducement turned into an emergency c-section when his heart rate started dipping into the 60s.

Long story short, he was born with a number of health problems, including a small, deformed hand, one non-functioning kidney, a large hole in his heart requiring open heart surgery, an abdominal hernia, and a partial 7th nerve causing paralysis in his left eyelid and eyebrow.

We are currently on day 19 in the NICU, and it seems we have many, many, MANY more ahead of us.

If you’d like to follow little man’s fighting journey, we are blogging all about it over at Tales From the Plastic Crib.

He’s a fighter!



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